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Daily Market Summary
Thursday, December 8, 2016

(Excerpts from the WOWS Membership's
Daily Market Commentary)

We are in a GREAT BULL MARKET, as the DJ-Transports has hit record highs. We are in a PRIMARY BULL MARKET, the sweet spot of any BULL RUN. However, The Trump Rally has gotton out of control. To high to fast. Most likely a period of consolidation/pull...

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Technical Analysis System

Stock Charts tell the real story - who's buying and who's selling. The art of chart reading is called Technical Analysis. We look for chart patterns that have successfully predicted buying and selling activity since the stock market commenced. By following proven patterns, we can put the odds in our favor!

Where can the individual investor turn for their stock market and Technical Analysis education? For your introductory course, tune into Marc Mandel, the Wizard, every Monday through Friday on the radio or Internet. Then, when you are ready to take control of your investments and start achieving results in the stock market, sign up for one of the Winning on Wall Street membership plans.

WOWS Portfolios are paper traded. We do not use real money.
Portfolio stocks are our best ideas based on the charts.